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If you want a fantastic relationship... Finding Your Fortune by Sparkle Phillips 7 Easy Steps to Optimum Health! Seed of Avraham - the 4000 year story of THE Jewish Family Books To Believe In is the space on the web where the great books live - you'll love what you see - Guaranteed!!! Angel On Board is one of the best angel books ever written -- Guaranteed!!! Heart and Soul by Aimee Alley Texas By the Numbers Great Suspense Novels

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* * * Thought of the Day from one of the books at Books To Believe In * * *

Virtually all recent medical research on aging points to the fact that the human animal, you and me included, has the potential to live up to 120 years of age.

That means 120 active, happy and productive years ... not years in a rocking chair, wheel chair or nursing home. That being the case, THE SECOND HALF of our lives does indeed BEGIN AT 60.... However, since most of us have spent the first part of our lives mistreating our God given equipment, this human body of ours; so we may not all make it to 120. But the good news is that most of us should be able to make it to 100 and well over. This book is dedicated at giving us the best possible chance at reaching as near as possible to our true life potential.

Let's re-emphasize, we are talking about healthy, happy, active and productive years full of the things we enjoy doing.

How often have you heard the question, 'If you had it to do over again, what would you change?' Well, if you are coming up on 50, theoretically, you do have it all to do over again. Just think what you should be able to do with those years, knowing all that you've learned in the first 50! Follow this program, and within a year you should be as fit as you can be, and headed for as bright and long a future as possible, may you live to 120!

Intro from: The Second Half Begins at Fifty,

Your Longevity Handbook
by Dr. Othniel J. Seiden, MD

available through Boomer Book Series

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