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Angel On Board

EJ Thornton and Capri Brock

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ISBN:1519495927 Sex in the Golden Years by Othniel J. Seiden

Sex in the Golden Years

Bonus Advice for Seniors about Sex Books

Sex in the Golden Years

Your Best Sex Ever

Othniel J. Seiden

This book's purpose is to dispel lots of old myths and help us continue to be active & happy participants in nature's greatest gift.


With the baby boomers at the door step of becoming old timers brings many concerns, not the least of which is, "Am I over the hill sexually?" The emphatic answer is, "No! You shouldn't be!" The fact is that the human animal is normally sexually active to the day it dies. Now that more people are living to be 70, 80, 90, and 100, research with the elderly shows quite clearly that sex is as important as ever; and quite frequently and happily more fun than ever. We should all be delighted to find that out because it gives us lots to look forward to.The norm is that you should be getting it and enjoying it for a long time to come, and if you aren't you should be questioning why not. In the great majority of cases what ever is stopping you can be remedied.

Sex in the Golden Years should be the greatest ever!

The Best is Yet to Come!


How to Manifest a Million Dollars

Sparkle Phillips

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Timothy Keller


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Othniel J. Seiden

Rising star!

The Big-O

Multiple Male and Female Orgasm

Othniel J. Seiden

In our day and age the ability to achieve orgasm, for most of us, male and female, is almost a given. There are of course exceptions to all rules and there are a few people who indeed have never achieved orgasm and some who climax with difficulty and infrequently. In a few cases the inability to achieve orgasm may be physical, but in most such cases the problem is emotional. Relationship problems are the most common causes for orgasmic difficulties.

This book is dedicated to achieving two main goals; first to helping the few of you who find orgasm difficult or impossible, and two, to move you to a new level of both male and female multiple orgasms during the same sexual experience. For women achieving multiple orgasms is quite common, but for men to achieve multiple orgasms is still very uncommon.

Just as most men don't realize their ability to have multiple orgasms, a majority of women do not realize that they, like their male counterparts, have the ability to ejaculate with their orgasms. A woman's ejaculation during her orgasm heightens the pleasure of the experience immensely.

These are the major goals of this book, to help both men and women to achieve multiple orgasms and to help women to ejaculate during their orgasm when they want the experience. Whatever type relationship you may have, straight, gay, lesbian, monogamous or open, or any other combination, your major goal in that relationship should be to give your partner the greatest possible pleasure he or she can achieve. Developing the ability to have multiple orgasms will give you and your partner the greatest pleasure possible.


The Big-O

Othniel J. Seiden

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Othniel J. Seiden MD & Jane L. Bilett, PhD

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