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The Art of Destiny, Volume 2


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ISBN:B004UVQXRE Spirit Mound by Thornton & Craig

Spirit Mound

Bonus Aliens in History Books

Spirit Mound

Aliens in American History

Thornton & Craig

There are some very, very strange stories handed down by many Native American tribes all over North America, all concerning various "little people" and their interactions with humans over the past few hundreds to thousands of years. To back these stories up there are several actual remains of mummified small adult humanoids found in caves of Wyoming and Montana during the 20th century, and there are petroglyphs all over North America that can be interpreted as showing alien-looking small people. All of this data is open to interpretation, of course, but when taken as a whole the evidence points to the very real possibility that diminutive alien beings have been visiting North America for a long time before modern day UFO stories came into being.

This first book in a series covers the mysterious little people of Spirit Mound in South Dakota. Lewis and Clark investigated this site after learning that more than one tribe of natives in the area would not go anywhere near this spot, the only hill in about a thousand square mile area. With open minds, and a bent for reporting accurate facts about their expedition, Lewis and Clark wrote in their journals of the mystery, without being able to explain the stories or the very real fear of the natives in the area.

We visited Spirit Mound within the past couple of years, stepping on precisely the same spots as did Lewis and Clark, and taking in the same amazing views of the prairie from its summit. It was easy to see how this prime piece of real estate was the perfect place for a secure encampment, by Native Americans or alien beings alike. Why has there been such fear of this summit in the 200 or so years since about 350 brave warriors lost their lives trying to retake it? We present the facts, and the reader is encouraged to use critical thinking and open minded analysis to judge for themselves how to explain them.



Kurt Vonnegut

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Aliens in Ancient Egypt

Xaviant Haze

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Resident Aliens

Stanley Hauerwas and William H. Willimon

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Aliens and Sojourners

Benjamin H. Dunning

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Brian Wood and Tristan Jones



Alan Dean Foster



S. D Perry and Markus Pansegrau



lee Brimmicombe-Wood

Rising star!

How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

Tools, tips, tricks and cutting-edge UFO investigation techniques

John Clark Craig

The goal of all UFO research is to get to the truth.

Today, the average Field Investigator has access to technology and tools way beyond what was imagined as possible just a few short years ago.

Instead of spending hours at a library, or having to call a local observatory, or a local weather station, or an Air Traffic Control center, or a nearby U.S. Air Force Base for heavens sake, today we can get those same answers nearly instantly and by our own actions.

The book How to Investigate UFOs using your Smart Phone's intention is to open some eyes to how we can all get to the truth faster, more accurately, and using our own smarts instead of relying on the possibly filtered and controlled information from others.

May the truth be known by all!


How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

John Clark Craig

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How to Investigate UFOs with your Smart Phone

John Clark Craig

Making headlines!

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