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Millard Fillmore

Robert J. Rayback

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ISBN:1530268044 The Life of Charlie Burrell by Mitch Handelsman

The Life of Charlie Burrell

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The Life of Charlie Burrell

Breaking the Color Barrier in Classical Music

Mitch Handelsman

In 1949, he was the first black person under contract with the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

In 1959, he became the first black person to play in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera.

In addition to being a classical music pioneer, he was a jazz musician as well, playing alongside many world-renowned jazz artists.

He has great stories to tell about critical times in his life. How many people can tell stories about Dianne Reeves, Lionel Hampton, Charlie Parker, Billie Holiday — at the same time telling about Arthur Fiedler, Pierre Monteux, and Isaac Stern? Only Charlie Burrell!

The Life of Charlie Burrell is no simple story of the triumph of will over oppression, or of an angel who always did the right thing in the face of unending adversity and evil. Burrell's stories weave a more complex tale of inner strength borne in the crucible of an amazing family, fired by intense ambition and hard work, and catalyzed by a series of mentors — both black and white — from whom Charlie learns important lessons, both intended and unintended.

Charlie Burrell's life story provides insight into the character of a man who spent almost 30 years pursuing his dream but sought neither fame nor fortune.

If you love stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, tragedy and triumph, please click on the cover and begin to read Charlie's incredible journey!


Upstairs at the White House

J. B. West and Mary Lynn Kotz

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A. Lincoln

Ronald C. White

Significant - Books

Walt Disney

Neal Gabler

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Marc Seifer

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Simon Sebag Montefiore


Mornings on Horseback

David McCullough


Mornings on Horseback

David McCullough


Elon Musk

Ashlee Vance

Rising star!

There's a Lion Under My Bed

A Life of Adventure and Intrigue

Quinn Matthewson

This is a fast-paced, one-of-a-kind, often gritty and vividly gripping autobiography that is fascinating reading and often delightfully funny.

A book of remembrances of one of the most varied lives, one encompassing adventure in unique occupations and travel to the granular parts of the world. An amazing life's journey the reader will experience voyeuristically and not soon forget.

At times, the author was a trouble shooter, explorer, adventurer "for the sheer hell of it",soldier, criminal investigator and a sometime undercover operative including some intelligence incidents. He was also a jail officer, documentary filmmaker for business and a corporate executive in several international venues. In intriguing detail he writes about behind-the-scenes stuff, historic events, combatting criminals and secret agents, remote tribes,convoluted cultures, wild animals,three rebel wars, bush flying, astonishing eccentric characters and exotic foreign police...and a lot more.


There's a Lion Under My Bed

Quinn Matthewson

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