Best 10 Dystopian Fantasy Fiction Books

as of Sunday, October 15, 2017

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The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth)

N. K. Jemisin

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ISBN:1523735813 Mind Games and Malice by Robert Cassady

Mind Games and Malice

Bonus Dystopian Fantasy Fiction Books

Mind Games and Malice

the sequel to Fractured Allegiance

Robert Cassady

Life seems idyllic for Kali and Liana when they reach a small farmhouse after an improbable journey through towering mountains. The locals here are open-minded and friendly, technological wonders abound, and the surrounding wilds were long ago cleared of mystery. As they settle into a routine of pleasant contentment, their past adventure feels but a distant fantasy with its treason, death, and discovery.

However, Liana receives wary glances upon mentioning her name and unwarranted attention from government officials. Soon, she's torn away from Kali and drawn into a tangle of mind games and malice in this science fiction thriller of uncertain alliances and political intrigue.


The Fifth Season (The Broken Earth)

N. K. Jemisin

Up and coming Books


Colby R. Rice and Marie Robinson

Significant - Books

Becoming Human

Eliza Green

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Jeff VanderMeer

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Lake Of Sins

L. S. O'Dea



Carissa Andrews


The Gifting (The Gifting Series) (Volume 1)

K.E. Ganshert


The Forever Man 1

Craig Zerf

Rising star!

Fractured Allegiance

What if the truth upends everything you know...

Robert Cassady

If the truth unravels your world, would you pursue it?

Liana is arrested and sentenced to death for stealing a book that should not exist. Kali is an elite bureaucrat intrigued by her beauty and bewildering words. Inspired by childhood visions of adventure, he casts aside the mundane to free her and escape towards exotic lands in epic flight.

Desiring more than just survival, Liana tells of extraordinary creatures and forgotten myths. She contradicts the wisdom of their world's greatest hero while directing her own quest to answer a legendary mystery from long ago times of war and chaos. But is she an enlightened heroine, or only a manipulative opportunist peddling a seductive fantasy?

To believe her, Kali must reject the very foundations of his prior experience and escape the leaders he'd once so revered. Torn between his love of country and the allure which she offers, he realizes that any action will fundamentally alter his perceptions of truth.

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Fractured Allegiance

Robert Cassady

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Cidney Swanson

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