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as of Sunday, June 25, 2017

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French Key Words

Xavier-Yves Escande

A A Books To Believe In Top 10 List favorite
ISBN:1743214448 Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary (Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Dictionary) by Lonely 

Lonely Planet French Phrasebook & Dictionary (Lonely Planet Phrasebook and Dictionary)

Bonus English French Translation Books

A bucket that is turned upside down,
even in a cloudburst,
will not fill with water!

~Dr. Ernest Holmes
founder of Science of Mind


The Oxford New French Dictionary

Oxford University Press

Up and coming Books

French to English Translation Dictionary

Dr Paul Behrens

Significant - Books

Thinking French Translation (Thinking Translation)

Sandor Hervey and Ian Higgins

A Books To Believe In Top 10 List top pick!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland - Les Aventures d'Alice au Pays des Merveilles

Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel

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French Stories / Contes Français (A Dual-Language Book) (English and French Edition)

Wallace Fowlie


Collins French to English Essential (One Way) Dictionary (Collins Essential) (French Edition)

Collins Dictionaries


The Comprehensive Dictionary French-English

Kay Engelfeld


Merriam-Webster's French-English Translation Dictionary, Kindle Edition (French Edition)

Merriam-Webster Inc.

Rising star!

Book Review - Secrets to Creating Passive Income and Becoming Financially Free

I want to give the authors credit for explaining their points of view in very interesting stories that are scattered throughout the book. I never thought a discussion on car top carriers would be so compelling - but it really was! And that example set the tone for the whole book.

If you want to make more money and just want to tap into someone else's system, this book isn't for you. If you want to make more money in new and interesting ways, then it definitely is for you.

If you believe the hype that real estate investing is passive income then you've never been an investor there. The authors talk about a bad experience with RE and admit they are not experts on the topic. So, don't buy it if you want that more of that same old, same old.

However, if you know how to write - you're ahead of the game. If you're willing to write - you're ahead of the game. If you're willing to think outside the box and be inspired by the creativity of the people used examples in the book, you're ahead of the game. If you have time on your hands, you can learn from this book how to apply it. All of us have space that we can use to earn passive income with.

If you just want to be spoon-fed information, like with an MLM (unless you treat your MLM like an investment group as suggested), then again don't buy this book as you will be dissapointed.

On the other hand, if you have the ability to think for yourself, outside the box, are opinionated or have interesting or one of a kind experiences, then you can capitalize on them and this book will show you how to make the most of your creative thinking.

I came away from my first reading with more ideas than I could possibly implement, which in one respect was a welcome surprise having more to do than I actually could. Then once I followed the workbook portion at the back of the book, my plan began to solidify and I'm on my way to create several passive income streams from the many marketing tips contained within.

I have to admit that I was skeptical when I purchased this book, wondering if it was going to be yet another sales pitch for someone else's "money making system." How wrong I was!

Secrets to Creating Passive Income
and becoming financially free
by EJ Thornton & John Clark Craig

Read a sample chapter right now of this #Your Guide to Financial Freedom Book

The Beginning Translator’s Workbook

Michele H. Jones

Books to Believe In's bonus choice Books pick for English French Translation

Bilingual Holy Bible English French

Transcripture International

Making headlines!

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