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as of Friday, December 15, 2017

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The History of the Knights Templars

C. G. Addison

A A Books To Believe In Top 10 List favorite
ISBN:0525428305 The Templars by Dan 

The Templars

Bonus Knights Templar Books

Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth
that around every circle another can be drawn;
that there is no end in nature, but every end
is a beginning. There are no fixtures in nature.
The universe if fluid and volatile.

Permanence is but a word of degrees.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Asylum Ceremonies and Tactics

Fisher III, SK James E

Up and coming Books

The History of the Knights Templars

Charles G. Addison

Significant - Books

Knight Templar (Warrior)

Wayne Reynolds and Helen Nicholson

A Books To Believe In Top 10 List top pick!

The Knights Templar

William Myron Price

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Knights Templar

Stephen Howarth


The Knights Templar

Pasi Pollanen and Scott Simon


The Knights Templar

Conrad Bauer


The Templar Knight

Jan Guillou

Rising star!

He that is good for making excuses
is seldom good for anything else.

~Benjamin Franklin


Knights Templar

Alan Butler

Books to Believe In's bonus choice Books pick for Knights Templar

The Templars

Michael Haag

Making headlines!

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